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Web Design

Your website is the personification of your brand. What it says, how it looks—all have a profound impact on the consumer. At Ad Trends Advertising, we work with you to make certain that your website projects who you are and what you do in the very best way possible.


We have worked on websites for small handyman businesses to international franchises, and everything in between. You can trust us to provide you with the professional and affordable website that will be an asset to your company, not an expense. 



Custom Web Design

A cutting edge web design can be the difference between success and failure for your business…

Today, countless businesses operate solely online with countless others using the Internet as their primary marketing outlet and a way to introduce their brand. Your website’s design shows consumers who your business is and what you are about. There are dozens of companies out there that offer cheap website solutions, but does the design and content truly speak to your consumers and set your business apart from the competition? Your new website doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. What it does have to do is sell your customers and speak to them on their terms. 


Designed for Your Business and Your Customers

A good website design company will give you two essential things. The first thing is a website that is aesthetically pleasing, the second is a website that incorporates cutting edge technology and current web navigation trends. Anyone can build a website that is filled with bells and whistles, but if consumers can’t easily find what they need, what is the point? 


Your Website Must Evolve

Many companies out there are happy to build you a website and then move on. The problem with this is the Internet and consumers are always evolving. Your website must change right along with current consumer trends and web innovations. We work with you to ensure that your website is always up to date. Both in the content it projects and the technology it employs. 



Internet Marketing

Kansas City Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to market your brand to consumers across the region, the country, and the globe. Today’s consumer expects simplicity and immediacy while shopping online. As more of your customers begin to use the web as their primary source for information and purchases, you must adapt your marketing to meet their changing needs.

At Ad Trends Advertising we work to make Internet marketing easier by creating an open line of communication. You become more educated about Internet marketing and its benefits and we become more educated about your products and services. Internet marketing is all about finding new, unique ways to express what you and your business do best. We take the time to make sure your Internet marketing is fresh and engaging.

The Facts:

70% of Americans are online almost everyday.
50 Million people will shop online this year.
Adults spend 3 hours a day more online than watching TV.
There are over 400 Million websites online.
Only 3% of all business sell their products or services online.
16% of small businesses see the Internet as a threat.

Only 18% of small businesses have an Internet Marketing Plan. 



Email Marketing

Customer feedback tools, email marketing & surveys in one easy to use package

Email marketing remains one of the most proven methods to covert leads into customers. Our powerful email marketing solution includes effective email conversion tactics, survey tools, and a customer testimonial feature for your website. Modern consumers have access to their email everywhere they go, and our innovative email marketing strategy is designed to help you go with them as well. You can quickly and economically connect with new customers, cut costs, announce upcoming events, and communicate in directly with your consumers. Email marketing is a proven method to boost sales, track results, and grow your business. You can use this marketing solution to promote your currents specials,send engaging surveys, and promote your business to consumers all across the globe. 




If your products aren’t being sold online, you are missing out. We work with you to create an easy to navigate online store your consumers will be sure to appreciate. Gone are the days where your website was just a source of information for potential customers. Today, consumers want to be able to find what they are looking for, and then purchase it all from the comfort of their computer chair. Our e-Commerce Web Store solutions are designed to allow customers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for, and purchase it on the go all in real-time. You are in the business of giving the customer what they want, do that effectively and economically right online. 



Franchise E-Commerce

Our technology and twenty plus years of Franchise marketing experience provides you with a top performing, hassle free Web Store platform. Our on-site web development and internet marketing staff along with our in-house product production gives us the flexibility to make modifications and improvements on-the-fly. We focus on providing you a system custom tailored to fit your markets, your Franchisees needs and taste, while improving product quality, simplifying order and delivery processes and saving you up to 50% and increasing sales at the same time. Our goal is that over time the store is an additional revenue stream for your company.

Getting started is easy, just give us a call or email and we’ll review a design and development plan that works for you.